Stacey Clifton

Stacey started practicing yoga in the hope of gaining some mobility and strength after breaking her neck and living with the resultant damage of a spinal cord injury. Severe spasms, paralysis and chronic pain had all become a part of her daily life. She was suffering from PTSD, depression and extreme anxiety.  

Yoga not only had an overwhelming impact on healing Staceys body, but also mind and soul. And so, in 2018 she decided to become a Yoga instructor through the Flowing Nomads, with the intention to share her experience with the world and help others gain a sense of wholeness, a sense of oneness, whilst improving their physical bodies, providing mental clarity and nourishment to the soul.

Join Stacey for a  beautiful class, as she focus on the fundamentals and building a strong foundation upon which to build and grow your practice. Alignment cues, longer held postures, hands on assists, Pranayama and so much more...

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