This beautiful Vinyasa Yoga Instructor has an unquestionable passion for Yoga and living life in the moment and to the fullest. In class, she works your body and mind equally, unifying breath and postures in a graceful dance. This makes her sequences super fun, but at the same time safe, mindful and grounding.

When she's not at Goa, you can find her Kitesurfing, Surfing or Rock Climbing. A true adrenalin junkie! 

What does Megz say about herself?; 
“I have a strong drive and desire to show people that you are capable of achieving more than you think so join me as we create more space between “I can't and I can”. Lets approach each new challenge, whether it be on your yoga mat or in your daily life, with an open mind, a playful heart and a big smile”.

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