Kate (Seetal Ajeet Kaur)

This is our one of a kind Kundalini Yoga teacher!  


Kate studied with GuruRamDas in Cape Town and started teaching with us at Goa Yoga in 2018.  


Her classes are full with powerful Kriyas, breath work, chants and meditations. Her incredible talent for music makes her classes very enjoyable, energizing and a lot of fun.


Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. The awareness and the becoming of our authenticity, who we truly are, our truth.

Through the raising of the kundalini energy or the energy of awareness, we are able to navigate through the subconscious blocks that hold us back from our true essence, from the power and grace that is our birthright. It is my purpose as a kundalini yoga instructor to guide practitioners through the inner work to the realization of this union with higher consciousness.

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