Janine Pretorius

Janines Yoga journey started in 2008 when she casually tried out a class in the Eastern Cape and was overwhelmed by the feeling of absolute bliss that she was left with.

From there, she uncovered her passion for Vinyasa Yoga and loved the practice of uniting breath with movement and moving the body in ways and not postures that you just don't get to do in everyday life.

After Yoga because a fundamental element of her life, the next natural step was teaching to deepen her own practice.  It was during her teacher training that she realized that she had only been scratching the surface of the gift of Yoga by only being aware of the physical benefits.  My teaching journey lead me to discover the power of mindfulness and awareness of the spiritual body and Chakra System.  

Her aim during class is for students to discover and tap into this inner resource of strength within themselves by connecting to their bodies and then to weave this practice into their everyday lives.

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