Chloe Garland

Chloe started practicing Yoga when she was 18.  For the past 10 years her love for the practice has grown into an integral part of her life. Traveling the globe, training in, and teaching Yoga as well as leading Retreats has helped Chloe in her own journey to overcome many challenges in life, giving her the courage to be true to herself.

Chloe is certified in ‘Purna Yoga’, a Fusion of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, Kripalu’s ‘Let Your Yoga Dance’, ‘Yoga and Ayurveda’ with Matthew Remski and ‘Inner Quest’ with Don and Amba Stapleton, as well as numerous CPD’s trainings including ‘Advanced Forrest Yoga’, ‘Arco Yoga, Yoga and Thai Massage’, ‘The essence of the Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Advanced Inversions, Arm Balances’ and ‘Energetic Healing’.  


Chloes' classes are inspired by all her trainings and as a teacher she hopes to enable her students to strengthen the physical, emotional and subtle energies in the body, allowing students to let go of what holds them back, explore, connect and discover ones full potential. 


Chloe: "Yoga is a way of life and for me it is about finding balance and peace by connecting to myself in mind, body and spirit. I also believe that the yogic lifestyle promotes kindness, love and respect for all life, inclusive of non-human animals and the natural world. I have always had a connection with the nature, and I have found my journey in yoga has enhanced this connection and guided me to follow my dream of working in conservation and animal welfare."

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