Chey started practicing yoga in 2015 and not long after, she found herself with a 5 day a week dedicated practice. With a passion for the more traditional side of things she started joining Iyengar and Ashtanga classes and workshops.


In 2017 Cheyenne took part in Jim Harringtons 300HR teacher training and then, everything there after fell into place.  She had no plans on being a yoga teacher but just wanted to further her knowledge and have a deeper understanding when joining classes. But then after teaching her first class, one led to another, and another .... until she resigned from her regular job and became a full time teacher - willing to teach anywhere at anytime, wanting to make everyone understand and feel the greatness of a yoga practice. 


Chey's incredible classes differ from day to day, according to her intuition & the energy of the moment.  She enjoys having  students reflect on their thoughts and practice in a way that is not harmful to the body yet loving and conscious, assisting in developing an awareness of self and love for self in every walk of life (or yoga pose)

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