Anna Maroudas

Blessed with a soulful Greek family – my passion to live a healthy and natural life started with my father and his respect for the symbiotic relationship between the external environment and one's internal wellbeing.


From a young age, I recall shadowing his work in the garden and learning about our traditional family remedies. I observed his methodology and holistic approach to self-preservation.


My curiosity peaked, as he seemed healthier than his peers. I needed to know more, and thus pursued a career that transformed my interest into skill. I travelled and observed holistic & natural therapies from around the globe, but always returned to my roots - achieving a balanced life, inside and out.


It took time to finally understand and systemically change my lifestyle to fully benefit from the connection between body, mind, and soul. Yoga being my most powerful teacher.


Life is good, and years of practice has resulted in day-to-day peaceful and simple living which makes us all shine brighter!

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